It is common to find an individual rethinking his retirement investment strategy. One may actually want a gold IRA rollover so that to have part of retirement investments backed by real physical gold. The big factor to consider is whether or not you are qualified for this. Another issue worth taking into account is if this approach is well suited for your circumstances and investment philosophies. The goal at hand and prevailing economic circumstances will ultimately justify a rollover.

The prevailing economic outlook always has a bearing on how people are investing their retirement monies. In uncertain political and economic times, the tangibles such as precious metals, houses and lands are appreciated by investors. When global or national economy is troubled and there are wars and rumors of wars, there is enough ground to think about gold IRA. This is because this is a type of retirement account that is invested in a precious metal that is known to deal well with the different political and economic vagaries.

Gold IRA rollover may seem like one of the ways to make your retirement account to be well diversified. You must never have all your retirement eggs in one basket. Therefore, it follows that you should have different types of retirement accounts. If you have not yet added real precious metals to your retirement portfolio, you have to think along the lines of gold IRA rollover. This is simply diverting some of your retirement monies from other investments and channeling them to an account dedicated to the purchase of valuable metals such as gold and silver.

Protecting your retirement portfolio against inflation and deflation is a factor of paramount importance. Today’s dollar purchases fewer items than was the case 20 years ago. The prices of goods are always increasing and if you do not have the right inflation safeguards you will be surprised that your retirement will be able to accomplish very little. One of the tried and tested safeguards is having some high value metals. Therefore, to accomplish this purpose, you will have to start with gold IRA rollover.

A person’s investment philosophy is usually the yardstick of investment. At the end of the day, it is important you do something that you have confidence in. if you are a person who has a lot of confidence in the financial markets and the speculative gains of the stock exchange, you might consider shying away from gold IRA rollover. For this to be the case, you have to be sure that you are very good at dealing with stocks, bonds, ETFs and other instruments of this kind. However, for the sake of hedging and diversification, you should not completely rule out investing in precious metals.

Fees also matter. As a savvy investor, you should not assume retirement accounts that have little fees. Gold IRA rollover may simply be motivated by the need to minimize fees that are paid subsequently maximizing the worth of a retirement portfolio.

Finally, the elephant in the room is whether or not you are actually qualified for gold IRA rollover. It is permitted to rollover a 401(k) when you are switching jobs. With IRA, the rules are relaxed. If you meet all the laid down requirements, the rollover process will be tax-free. The entire process is IRS-approved. Everything related to your retirement account will be checked by the authorities before you are given a go-ahead to rollover your account.

Gold IRA rollover should be a slow and unhurried process. Start by considering your personal circumstances in light of precious metals IRAs. In addition, put into perspective your investment goals, philosophies, investment climate, economic outlook, political climate and the stage you are at life.

Losing weight is never easy. In fact, most of us struggle our entire lives to lose weight. We follow a diet, and then get disappointed and fall off the diet bandwagon. Some of us diet and workout but just don’t manage to lose fat in specific areas. In fact, this is the most disappointing aspect of dieting, weight gain and weight loss.

If you put on weight, it is never in the places you want it to be; and if you lose weight, it is never from the places you want to appear thinner!  For most people, the abdominal area, with stubborn love handles, is the last place to slim down. For some people, figuring out how to get rid of love handles can be very, very annoying.  This is disappointing but the good news is that there are workouts and exercise tips that will help you lose weight in specific areas.

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles the Easy Way

1. Balance your Diet – A healthy diet is the first step to losing weight. Experts recommend you eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. This has to be accompanied with a minimum of two liters of water. Try to limit your salt intake as salt can cause water retention and water weight. You should also limit your consumption of fried foods, cheese, processed foods, and fatty red meat. Most trainers do recommend you follow diets like the Atkins Diet or other high protein diets to help you lose weight. However, these diets are recommended for people who are 50lbs overweight or more.

2. Reduce Stress – Stress can aggravate the body can cause an increase in stress eating. It also increases the secretion of a hormone called cortisol which causes a range of health problems. Increased cortisol secretion can also cause fat retention in the abdominal area and in the hip area. Start a hobby or activity that will help you relax your mind and body. Yoga, running, hobbies, etc. will all work to help you control your stress and anxiety.

3. Follow Sensible Exercises – Spot exercises do not work. However, a full body routine combined with spot exercises will help you lose weight all over and in problem areas as well. A good workout should be at least 30 minutes long and you have to combine spot workouts like the Bicycle Move, push-ups, modified push-ups, regular crunches, reverse crunches, squats and lunges. Combine these specific routines with cardiovascular workouts like walking, biking, jogging. Even fun routines like using a hula hoop and rigorous dancing can help you weight overall and in the abdominal area as well.

Most people focus on losing weight but what they don’t know is that abdominal fat can cause serious health conditions. In fact, research has shown that love handles and belly fat cause chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. By following a smart healthy diet, and exercising, you can lose weight and get your health under control as well.

Losing weight is not just about fitting into that favorite pair of jeans you have held onto for a while. Instead, it is all about boosting confidence while improving overall health and nutrition. There are some people who may decide that they would like to lose weight because they are dealing with other types of stress. In fact, they may believe that shedding a few pounds will help them gain control over something in their lives, especially if they are unable to control some of the things they have to deal with regularly.

There are some people who get on the scale and are simply not happy with the numbers they see. If they believe that those numbers are just too high, they may decide that they want and need to lose weight immediately and will invest in a program like Six pack shortcuts. A weight loss diet is a great option for those who want to become healthier while getting rid of some excess fat. Those who are able to reach a healthy weight can enjoy doing things that they may not have felt confident enough to do before.

Anyone who decides to lose weight because of their appearance should know that they can also make themselves healthier. As the numbers on the scale begin to decrease, the person who stands on it may start to feel more confident in how they look. Being able to have confidence and feel healthy on the inside are two of the best reasons to start following a program that assists with the weight loss process. Those who start to see results can keep themselves motivated to continue to lose weight until they are finally able to reach their goals.

Staying Positive to Reach Goals

During the weight loss process, you will need to think positively to keep yourself motivated. You can decide to set goals and create a plan that will help you reach them in a timely manner. It is a good idea to remind yourself why you are attempting to lose weight in the first place, especially if you start to feel discouraged. Do not worry about what anyone else thinks because it is all about doing something for yourself that will help you look and feel fantastic.

Pay attention to some of the fad diets that are currently talked about on social media, television shows, and even among some of your colleagues. You need to know what is really working and what is not really helping people. If you have no idea what works and what does not, you can end up following a fad diet that wastes your time and does not help you get the kind of results you want. There are dozens of products that can make promises that they may not necessarily be able to keep, and you need to be made aware of them.

If you are going to follow a fad diet, make sure it is one that has helped people see results. Instead of choosing a dieting option that is unhealthy, stick with one that promotes healthy eating habits and exercise because those are two things that you need to practice if you truly want to lose weight and then keep that weight off.

As all people not living under rocks know, it is Christmas time. Anyway, it is here where I live and having come from a good Catholic family that goes through many generations, I do celebrate this holiday.

And I’m going to say this: it is my favorite holiday. Not so much because of the awesome gifts my awesome family and friends get me each and every year. No, instead, what I like most about the holidays is all the awesome food I get to stuff my face with. My mom was always big on homemade meals and come the end of the year, she’d make tons of pies, cookies and all sorts of ungodly sweets.

It’s a love hate relationship

But it’s not all good. I mean, yeah, it is the time of year that I look forward to the most, but at the end of the day, I just end up stuffing my face more than what’s good for me. The end result is that I always end up putting on 10 pounds or so and when the new year comes around, I always feel shitty about myself.

Generally one of my resolutions is to burn off that extra fat, but it seems that life gets in the way and I never manage to get rid of all of it. So the residual fat accumulates each and every year to the point where I should probably be aiming to get rid of at least 20 to 30 pounds if I knew what was good for me.

So I bought myself Metabolic Cooking

In the past, I just tried as much as possible to limit the amount of sweet stuff I eat. And it generally works. Drinking water instead of soda or juice was the primary weapon in my toolkit. But I’ve been doing a lot of research online and it turns out that there is a lot more to it than just stopping eating bad food.

I bought a recipe collection called Metabolic Cooking recently and I think that it is just what I need to burn off those extra pounds that have been accumulating on me over the years. It’s essentially a collection of healthy recipes that use foods that burn fat instead of foods that put on fat. Now I’m not an expert on this any more than I was on gold IRAs but all this program requires of me is to follow a few simple recipes and that’s it. That and sticking to it, of course…

I’ll update how it goes once the new year comes around. But in the meantime, back to eating too much.

If you remember, last time I was in the process of setting up my gold IRA with a company called Regal Assets. Well, today I’m proud to announce that the process is now completed. It took me long enough and countless hours of research, but it is done.

How much did I invest?

Truth be told, my investment is quite substantial. I invested close to 150 thousand dollars into gold with Regal Assets. I’ve been told that that is far above the average investment amount which puts me in the top 1% of precious metals investors.

What I bought is mostly bullion. Bars made up the bulk of my order and coins made up the rest. All gold, no silver or other precious metals. I chose this distribution based on what the guys over at Regal Assets told me to do. I trusted them, so I took their advice.

I didn’t store the gold myself

This is also something that was recommended to me by my trusted “dude on the inside”. I mean, it’s not like my house is built like a bank so I opted instead to store the gold at the main depository that Regal deals with. On top of that, I think that the IRS doesn’t allow people to store precious metals that are part of a gold IRA themselves. Something about insurance probably, but it’s probably for the best. I mean how hard would it be to break into somebody’s house and steal some gold when compared to breaking into a Nationally accredited depository‘s vault? Pretty easy versus pretty damn near impossible.

I could have had better timing

One thing that concerned me a bit is that the price of gold when my transaction went down was kind of high. I could have waited it out and tried to buy it when the price per ounce dropped a bit more so that I would have ended up with more for the money, but it’s not a huge difference. And considering that the price of gold just has to stay high in relation to the value of the US dollar, I’m still in a pretty good position.

So now that that’s done, I can move onto something else. That’s good because I was getting pretty tired of all this process. It’s pretty tiring over all and I’m glad it’s over. Now let’s just hope it pays off in the long run and gets me some stability when I get old.

My hours of research have finally been rewarded. I’m pretty sure at this point that the gold company that I’m going to be dealing with will be Regal Assets. I’ve done my homework and I’m pretty sure at this point that my money will be well invested.

Reasons why

regal-assetsSo why you ask have I set my sights on Regal Assets? Well, after doing a whole lot of research, the reason is so obvious to me: they are the best. What I mean by that is that they offer the best services to serve my specific needs.

They don’t have a whole lot of different exotic coins, but that’s not what I’m looking for. What I need is high purity gold that I can legally put into my retirement account. That’s it. As it turns out, that is just what Regal specializes in.

I have to say though that I had a hard time see past the many reviews of this company online. If you do what I did, you’ll see that the reports from people who have done business with them before is overwhelming positive. Suspiciously so.

I have a gut feeling that most of the websites out there are designed from the ground up to give fake praise to Regal by writing fake reviews. I also noticed that most of those sites have disclosures on them stating that they are “receiving compensation from the companies they recommend”. That sounds to me like getting paid to say good things about them.

But still, Regal Assets was getting good reviews from third party sites that obviously don’t receive compensation from them. Sites like and the Better Business Bureau all had glowing customer reviews. But it’s not just that the reviews were positive, it’s that there was barely any negative ones to be found.

My call with them

What I did next was call a whole bunch of companies that I had read good things about and to be honest, most companies hire service reps that don’t seem to care about you unless you tell them that you’re holding 100k in your hand and that you’re looking to spend it in gold with them immediately.

This is something that Regal Assets seemed to avoid though and the service rep I spoke to (I think his name was Jason or something) was very polite and helpful. And he didn’t keep pushing me to know if I was going to be buying immediately or not. The experience was good.

On top of that what I learned is that all companies charge a fee to store your gold for you, because apparently the government won’t let you store the gold in your retirement account yourself without taxing the hell out of it. But the good thing about Regal is that they only charge something like 200 or 300 dollars per year as opposed to the percentage of total gold owned that most other companies charge. Given the amount I’m looking to invest, this is very advantageous for me.

Getting my papers in order

Now before I make a final purchase, I need to get some paperwork in order. It might take a few days or even a couple of weeks (you know how the IRS is) but I’ll get through it eventually. I do hope that it goes well. I’ll make sure to write up an update when the transaction goes through.

In my last post, I’ve been going on about how I have been thinking about buying up some gold for my retirement. Problem was that I didn’t have much of a clue about the different services and companies out there.

So, over the past few weeks I’ve been doing research. Lot’s of research. As it turns out, there are TONS of companies that do precious metals and gold IRAs and it’s been hard to figure out which one is better than the others. I suppose that they all have their strengths, but what I’m looking for is very specific: rollover my current IRA into a gold IRA.

capital-gold-groupBut I’m getting closer. I’ve narrowed it down to a few companies, one of them being Capital Gold Group. I’ve read through some of the reviews for them over on ripoffreport and they look like a clean company.

Anyway, I’ll give them a call and see what happens.

For my first blog post on this brand new blog, I figured I’d talk about something serious: money. To be more specific, it’s about my quest to find the best place to buy gold.

Let me explain.

I’ve been working hard for a long time now and throughout my life, I’ve managed to pile up a decent amount of cash. I’ve made some good investments and some bad investments but in the end, I’ve managed to come out on top.

But I have been thinking lately. What if all that hard work were to go to waste? There is a possibility that the money I’ve earned turns into worthless toilet paper (well, not completely worthless I suppose…).

The thing is that most of my investments are in paper assets and to be honest, I’ve done pretty well with them. However, their value is all based on the current value of the almighty American dollar. If the dollar does well, so do my investments and so do my 401ks.

But should the USD take a plunge, so does also my assets and retirement accounts. And let’s be honest, it’s not like the US government has been doing great in keeping up the value of the dollars in my pocket. The printing press has been going non stop at a most ridiculous rate. That’s just not good.

So in an attempt to preserve the fruits of my lifelong labor, I have made the decision to invest a good chunk of my money into gold. Why gold, well I’ll let you search around online for why it’s a good investment, but I’ll just say that it’s kind of a safe haven and protection against a potentially unstable currency (i.e. the US dollar).

So I’ll be looking around for a good company to do business with, search through reputations and reviews and I’ll also probably call some up to get a feel for them. I’ll keep you guys updated on how things go and what company I’ve decided to do business with.